Jasper Review: My In-Depth, Honest Opinion (2023)

It’s hard not to notice how quickly generative AI has taken the world by storm. With ChatGPT taking over the mainstream market, other tools scrambled to cater to specific niches and user types. One of the biggest use cases and targeted personas for generative AI are bloggers, and Jasper AI was arguably the first AI writing tool on the market to see commercial success with bloggers, paving the way for the smattering of other tools that would flood the market in the coming months.

What Is Jasper AI? An Overview:

Originally named Jarvis AI, Jasper AI is a powerful AI writing tool that was rebranded as “Jasper” in 2022. For anyone creating written content, it’s a game changer, because it harnesses the power of GPT-3 and GPT-4 to generate content, at scale. While this new AI technology is powerful, Jasper AI and other writing tools aren’t quite at the level of quality of replacing human writers and content creators just yet – but they’re getting better and better by the months and weeks, and tools like Jasper have become a must-have to supercharge any serious writer’s toolkit.

As a document editor, Jasper can be used to generate written content for, product descriptions, cold emails, landing pages, essays, long-form content, blog posts, social media captions, and much more. As a productivity tool, it’s extremely helpful as your “AI-assistant” to help you generate the end of a sentence when you’re stuck on what to write next. In recent months, they’ve also expanded to develop other products like an AI art generator, an AI chat interface and a Google Chrome Browser Extension in recent months.

Another key selling point for Jasper is it’s deep integration with other SEO tools. Jasper’s integration with Surfer SEO is an absolutely incredible tool for blogging power users. There’s no other AI writing tool that integrates quite as seamlessly with Surfer SEO as Jasper does, making both tools a must-have in any serious blogger’s tech stack. (Don’t worry, we’ll cover this integration in more depth – keep reading below!)

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Jasper AI Key Features

Jasper has many different use cases and features, but overall, it’s organized into six different key features, including Documents, Jasper Art, Jasper Chat, SEO Mode, Google Chrome Extension and Templates.

Let’s examine each of these features in detail below:


Writers using Jasper will spend the majority of their time in Jasper’s Document Editor. It’s a Microsoft Word/Google Docs blank canvas, with a twist. Writer’s can press Ctrl + J (or CMD + J on Macs) at any time, and Jasper will generate text, intelligently taking into consideration what’s been previously written in the document to generate context-relevant, GPT-3 generated text.

In the top left hand section of the Document editor, you can also brief Jasper on how you’d like it to generate content – you can prompt it to generate text in a specific tone of voice, to generate text that’s optimized for a specific keyword, select a specific language, and more.

Jasper also currently integrates with DeepL to provide language support for 25 different languages. 😲 So if you’re writing content for readers outside of Europe or North America, Jasper’s also got you covered.

It also offers all the normal bells and whistles you’d like to see out of a document editor like bolding, italics and underline features. It also offers the ability to select H1, H2, H3 & H4 headings with keyboard shortcuts or clicking on the toolbar (a must for writing SEO optimized content in 2023).

Jasper Chat

I like to compare Jasper Chat to ChatGPT. While Jasper AI’s Document Editor is focused on helping you generate text for high-quality content, Jasper Chat features a conversational interface, similar to ChatGPT, where you can ask Jasper questions, and it will respond with GPT-3 generated answers.

Since Jasper runs off of GPT-3, it currently only references data up to the year 2021. You can ask Jasper to do all sorts of wacky stuff:

  • You can pop in a large report and ask it to summarize the report for you
  • You can ask it to write a novel about Justin Bieber joining a heavy metal band, in the voice of William Shakespeare
  • If you’re a salesperson, you can ask it to create a personalized sales email subject line for a specific buyer persona
  • You can also ask it to generate tables and charts from specific data sets
  • You can ask it to write basic code for a landing page for your website, or, even to create simple games like Flappy Bird (the example I’ve linked in the YouTube video below is from ChatGPT, but the same thing can be done in Jasper Chat)
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8y7GRYaYYQg

Jasper Art

One of the benefits of purchasing a Jasper AI subscription is that you’ll also get access to Jasper Art, Jasper’s proprietary AI art generator. Simply enter a prompt, and Jasper Art will generate a high-quality, AI generated image that you can utilize in your content, to give you the perfect picture to complement your message.

Jasper Art also gives you access to Jasper’s incredible and expansive AI art community, allowing creators to share and gather feedback about their images with thousands of other AI-enthusiasts around the world.

And if you’re unsure of how to prompt Jasper Art to generate the image you want, have no fear – they’ve included an intuitive interface that will allow you to iterate on your content to find the perfect image for your needs.

Jasper AI & Surfer SEO Integration (SEO Mode)

Perhaps the biggest differentiator that Jasper AI has from other AI writing tools on the market is its powerful integration with Surfer SEO. Surfer SEO is an SEO optimization tool that can integrate directly into Jasper’s Document Editor. Surfer SEO is an (costly) paid tool, but is utilized by elite bloggers to ensure that their content is optimized for Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

The reason why this feature is so powerful is that you can utilize Jasper to generate text while getting feedback on how the Surfer SEO Content Optimization Score changes, in real-time, all in the same window.

This is a massive boost to an SEO writer’s workflow, because you cannot generate text in Google Docs. If you were to just integrate Surfer SEO with Google Docs, and you didn’t have Jasper, while you’d be able to see how your writing is changing the Surfer SEO score, you can’t generate text like you would within Jasper’s Document Editor.

Having both of these tools, accessible, together, in the same window, is the reason why so many serious bloggers opt for Jasper’s Document Editor over other AI writing tools – the workflow is simply unmatched.

While Surfer SEO’s Content Editor credits are expensive, if money isn’t a barrier to you, this is a no-brainer for your writing team to creating SEO-optimized content in the quickest, most efficient workflow possible.


One of my favorite features in Jasper AI, especially compared to other AI writing tools, is the breadth of Templates that are available, out of the box. While I don’t use it to generate “one-click” articles, it’s great for a starting point if I’m strapped for ideas.

Jasper comes with over 50 out-of-the-box templates, including:

  • Blog Post Outline
  • Content Improver
  • Google Ads Headline
  • SEO – Title and Meta Descriptions
  • Instagram Photo Post Captions
  • YouTube Video Titles
  • LinkedIn Personal Bio
  • Text Summarizer
  • Creative Story
  • And many more…

Other AI writing tools simply don’t come with this level of template options, and these templates are a key differentiator that puts Jasper ahead of the pack.

Browser Extension

Jasper also recently introduced a Google Chrome Browser Extension, which allows users to utilize Jasper to generate text within any text box in Google Chrome.

This opens up a number of different interesting use cases, including:

  • Generating email subject line ideas directly within the subject line box in Gmail or Outlook
  • Generating text within Google Docs, if you don’t want to use Jasper’s Document Editor
  • Generating text to respond social media comments within Google Chrome, say on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, increasing your engagement metrics to help you grow your brand
  • Generating text to fill out contact forms on the web if you are trying to get in touch with a business

Having Jasper accessible to any text box opens up limitless possibilities while you are surfing the web, giving you access to a powerful time-saver that can allow you to create “canned emails” or “canned responses.” It has useful applications beyond high-quality, original content.

Jasper Pros & Cons

Jasper Pricing

Jasper AI has three different paid pricing plans, which I’ve listed below. You can save 20% by switching to annual billing. All plans come with unlimited word credits – Jasper does not price by the word – so you don’t have to worry about running out of those pesky credits like you might see with other generative AI tools. Instead, more expensive tiers grant access to more seats, which is ideal if you’re looking for an AI writing tool to share with your writing team.

Here are Jasper’s 3 pricing tiers:

  • Creator: $39/month – Includes 1 seat – Best for solopreneurs and those just starting their blogging journey.
  • Teams: $99/month – Includes 3 seats – Best for small teams looking for a tool to quickly scale content.
  • Business: Talk to sales, custom pricing – Custom # of sears – Best for larger businesses looking to leverage more than 3 seats for a large team of writers.

Wrap Up

If you’re looking for a versatile AI text generator, Jasper is an excellent choice. The team at Jasper has worked hard to evolve the product to provide different voices, templates, and much more. Since they’ve moved away from the credits per month pricing model, you’re getting a ton of value by receiving access to Jasper Art, Jasper Chat, and Documents, and more. Jasper is evolving into the go-to All-in-one AI tool for bloggers, and you can’t really go wrong by subscribing to (arguably) the biggest name in the space.

But don’t take my word for it. Try it yourself with a free 7 day trial below.

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